01 One hub, all your benefits.
02 Never, ever repeat yourself.
03 Empower your employees.
04 Good advice is custom.
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For School Districts

Employee benefits, simplified.

Help your district employees understand the value of their benefits and find answers to all their questions.

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See how Pendant helps your employees get the most from their benefits.


One hub, all your benefits.

Never send them anywhere else. Insurance. Retirement. Fringe benefits. It's all there.


Present benefits attractively.

Your district offers secure, stable, strong benefits to retain talent—get the full value of your investment by presenting those benefits in the best light.

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A benefit expert educating applicants.

Show applicants what makes your benefits special.

Pendant showcases the full spectrum of your district’s benefits to qualified candidates.


Highlight the most important details.

Don’t let the specifics hide in the cracks of dense PDFs or poorly written websites. Pendant brings your benefits' most exciting details to the forefront.


Never, ever repeat yourself.

Give your teachers and staff answers 24/7. Saving your sanity—and your inbox.

“Do I need to update my ad-dress through the payroll portal?”
“Which health insurance do I enroll in?”
“What happens to my benefits if I get divorced?”
“Who do I talk to if I get sick?”
“Can I keep my health coverage if I leave?”
“How do I file a disability claim?”
“Where can I see my pay stubs?”
“How long is my paternity leave?”
“How do I access my old W-2s? ”
“What doctors can I go to?”
“When do I qualify for the 401(k)?”
“How does the employer match work for my 401(k)?”
“Which health insurance do I enroll in?”
“Can I get glasses on the vision plan?”
“When do I qualify for the 401(k)?”
“How many sick days do I get a year?”
“Do I get reimbursed for gas mileage?”

Provide answers to common questions.

FAQs are presented in context of the relevant benefit and come with a unique link, so you can send employees directly to Pendant (instead of fielding the same questions over and over).


Make changes whenever you want.

While Pendant’s education experts can help whenever you need, you’re empowered to make curate, answer, and edit on your own.

We’ll set it up for you.

Experts at Pendant will create customized content and coaching software that's tailor-made for your district.


Announce changes to your benefits.

Whether it’s open enrollment or new guidance for accessing paystubs, easily announce changes to any benefit.


Organize benefits with employee groups.

From faculty and school principals to custodians and transportation specialists, Pendant lets you define which groups see which benefits.


Empower your employees.

Effective education is about empowering employees to get answers when they need them.


Announce changes to your benefits.

Whether it’s open enrollment or new guidance for accessing paystubs, easily announce changes to any benefit.


Search everything in one place.

Find anything related to any benefit.


In-app messaging.

When an employee needs help in context of a benefit, they can send a private, secure question to an HR member or admin.


Good advice is custom.

Give employees information tailored to their specific needs.

Personalized Advice

Interact with smart education software used by millions.

Pendant answers your employees' most complex benefits questions with intelligent, interactive software—the same software used to teach millions of people the intricacies of personal finance.

Any Subject

They'll find answers for almost everything.

Pendant can coach them on almost any topic—retirement, reading a paystub, choosing a health plan, it’s all there. If you need something special, just for your district, we can do that too.

Financial calculator with helpful details circled.

Custom guidance for their unique situations.

Your employees have probably seen a retirement calculator. But did it carefully walk them through which portion of their income will come from a pension, their 401(k), Social Security? Pendant’s speaks to real people, in simple, clear terms.

Let’s hop on a call.

Your district’s benefit package is more powerful than you know. It’s time for employees to get the most of those benefits, and for you to take well-deserved time off.

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