Let’s Talk About Us For A Minute

For fifteen years, we’ve brought powerful educational software into classrooms nationwide. Then a lightbulb went off...what if we did the same for businesses?

A women holding two laptops with screens displaying graphs.

We believe in the power of education and how life-long learning enhances an individual’s overall wellbeing.


It all started with personal finance...

Pendant was developed by the brains behind Banzai, a company that has brought financial education to over 100,000 classrooms and countless communities nationwide for over a decade.

Banzai's headquarters with a big sign in front.

As we grew Banzai’s curriculum, we had a realization: a critical part of meeting personal financial goals comes down to employee benefits.

Workers on a conveyor built assembling parts of Pendant's software.

After months of careful brainstorming, planning, revising, starting over, more planning, more revising…

Pendant was built.

Two employees looking at a desktop screen.

We use it ourselves

The first company to use Pendant was Banzai, and we still use it today for onboarding, benefits education, communication, and culture development.


And we’re big fans.

We love how Pendant helps employees take advantage of their benefits while cultivating a culture of appreciation. We can’t wait to see it do the same for your company.

Two individuals having a conversation.

What’s a pendant, anyway?

Pendants are precious, charming, and a little mysterious, but no matter what the pendant is or where it came from, it’s valuable to person wearing it. The same is true for benefits. The benefits you give your employees are valuable, and they should be proudly displayed and recognized for their worth. We’d like to help with that.

A gem with abstract waves of color swirling around it.

Pendant highlights the richness and worth already embedded in your benefit offering. It makes sure that what you think employees value is actually valued. Kick up your feet and stay a while—we’re happy to have you.


So, what are you waiting for?