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Get benefit answers instantly with Pendant Assistant

AI driven answers about your benefits.


Answers tailored to your benefits

Pendant Assistant uses AI to learn everything about your benefits and instantly provide your staff with answers to their questions.

Benefit-related financial guidance

Pendant Assistant offers educational resources such as interactive courses (Coaches) and calculators to assist employees in making decisions.

The Pendant Assistant provides answers to employees’ sensitive questions.

Clear advice for specific problems

Pendant Assistant can offer guidance on employee questions––no matter how.

Forward any question to HR

If an answer is unavailable, the Pendant Assistant can forward the question to your HR representative.

Attach relevant resources

Pendant Assistant can provide the necessary documents, articles, forms, and more.


Help job applicants know if your benefits will work for them.

Even candidates can ask questions

By sharing Pendant with potential employees, they can also ask benefit questions during the hiring process.


Try it in your company for three months free.

Spend three months evaluating if Pendant is valuable for your staff, we think you’ll see that is.