Help your faculty make sense of their benefits

“My district tells us ZERO about our retirement benefits. We have to call Texas Retirement Systems.”

- A Teacher from Texas


Benefits are more than just health insurance.

Contributory Plans,
Life Insurance,
Continuing Education,
Long-Term Disability,
Accidental Death & Dismemberment,
Summer Vacation,
Flexible Spending Accounts,
Wellness Programs,
Paid Devices,
Paid Time Off,
Teachers lack the info they need to truly take advantage of their employee benefits.
In a survey of 1,400 teachers, we found that…
couldn’t verify if a procedure was covered by their health insurance.
do not use the district’s website to find answers to benefit questions.
said district information is either unavailable online or difficult to navigate.
reported that their retirement information and options are inadequately explained.
“The pension system is such a beast that most people don't feel confident even taking questions to HR.”
- A Teacher from Minnesota
Let’s talk about a solution.
Pendant is a comprehensive, personal benefits guide offered by the district.

Pendant Makes Benefits Make Sense

Equip your faculty with Benefit Pages, Checklists, Calculators, and Coaches to navigate tricky benefit situations in their lives.

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Recruit and retain

Show off your great benefits to candidates and demonstrate to current employees why it is worth it to stay.


Never, ever repeat yourself

Give your employees answers 24/7. Saving your sanity and your inbox — giving you more time to do other important work.

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We set it up for you

Pendant simplifies your complex benefits information and creates custom content for your district. Plus we offer ongoing support.


Try it in your district for three months free.

Spend three months evaluating if Pendant is valuable for your staff, we think you’ll see that is.

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