Make benefits make sense.

Pendant uses powerful collaboration and educational tools to help employees take advantage of their benefits and find answers when they need them most.

Putting together a puzzle of colorful people.

Deductibles, vesting, Roth, FSAs...this stuff’s complicated. Pendant simplifies it.

Features on the benefit page — upload attachments, ask questions, get coaching, etc.

Highlight all your benefits in one stylish and easy-to-navigate hub.

Give your employees one place to go for all things benefits. With highlights and details for each benefit, downloadable content, relevant links, and more, employees can find answers without filling up your inbox.

It all starts with Benefit Pages. Pages demystify even the most complex benefits with examples, supporting resources, relevant images, and links.

Pages are designed for clarity. Information is customized and easy to understand, helping employees help themselves.


Surface the most important details.

Every benefit has a few critical takeaways—don’t allow dense PDFs or webpages to bury the details. Shine a light on them!


Place questions in context.

Employees can ask HR a question right on the relevant benefit page, and everything in Pendant is locked down and secure. In other words, private conversations are kept private.

Full-time, part-time, or seasonal employees? Pendant shows benefits relevant to each individual.

Often benefits apply to one type of employee and not another. Group employees together and present benefits that only pertain to them.


Easy answers for common problems.

FAQs are organized by benefit and listed under relevant pages. Each answer gets its own unique link, so HR can easily point people to answers (instead of answering the same question again and again...and again).

In-place Edits

To improve is to change.

Health plan changes? New enrollment process? A whole new benefit? No problem. Edit and add content at any time to keep information accurate and current.

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Employee benefits don’t need to be so complicated. Schedule a free consultation and empower your employees from recruiting to retirement.

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