Make Benefits Make Sense

Pendant is a powerful educational tool to help employees take advantage of their benefits and find answers when they need them most.


Deductibles, vesting, Roth, FSAs...this stuff’s complicated. Pendant simplifies it.


Making benefits simple

These pages explain to employees how each benefit works and give helpful information to utilize that benefit. Here are some of the great features included on a benefit page:

  • Highlight great things about each benefit
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Modules that provide custom guidance
  • Define vocabulary terms

Step-by-step guidance

Some benefits often require that employees go through complex processes. Checklists provide them with streamlined steps to get through it.


Announce changes to
your benefits

Whether it’s open enrollment or new guidance for accessing paystubs, easily announce changes to any benefit.


Organize benefits with employee groups

Do you have full-time, part-time, contract, or seasonal employees? No worries, Pendant lets you define which groups see which benefits.

In-place Edits

Make changes whenever
you want

While Pendant’s education experts will help whenever you need, you’re empowered to make, curate, answer, and edit on your own.

Public benefits pages

Give your recruiting efforts a boost.

Easily showcase your competitive benefits to potential candidates.

Take it for a test drive

Your comapny's benefit package is more powerful than you know. It’s time for employees to get the most of those benefits, and enable you to get other important things done.

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